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Eyeglass Store Moriches

Eyeglass Store Moriches

Are you looking for a change in the way you correct your vision? While eyeglasses can be a comfortable and simple way to achieve clear vision, these frames can often get in the way of the lives which many of us seek to live. The latest advances in optical technology have led to great strides in prescription contact lenses, allowing for more optical conditions and greater severity of problems to be corrected than ever before. If you are curious about whether ophthalmic eyeglass frames or prescription contact lenses are right for you, you need only to visit your neighborhood Moriches eyeglass store at the welcoming and advanced offices of the Vision Center.

Ophthalmic Frames Moriches

Ophthalmic Frames Moriches

While eyeglasses can be a troublesome hindrance to some, many of these problems can simply be solved by customizing your frames and lenses to meet your unique needs. Today’s eyeglass frames can be made from many fashionable materials, as well as durable ones. Plastic reinforced frames can resist impact, while Memory Metal can truly roll with the punches to simply return to its original shape unscathed. Polycarbonate lenses can resist greater forces of impact than any other, and can be coated with photochromic material to protect your eyes in any light. You can find coatings today from your trusted Moriches eyeglass store to stop glare and even fog from impeding your sight.

Despite these advances, some of us may simply find better sight correction through prescription contact lenses. While many of us believe that contact lenses can only be used to correct common optical conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, the truth is that those with severe astigmatism and keratoconus often report clearer vision than ever with the use of rigid or gas permeable lenses. If you are tired of the look of eyeglasses, today’s contact lenses can give you a more youthful appearance with bifocal and multifocal contact lenses to effectively treat presbyopia and replace your bifocal eyeglasses. At your professional Moriches eyeglass store you can find a wide selection of soft and rigid contact lenses to give you clear vision without eyeglasses.

Contact lenses and eyeglasses have numerous advantages and disadvantages between them, and the question on which is right for you truly depends on the life you lead and your own personal and optical needs. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff at your local Moriches eyeglass store at the Vision Center can help you find out which is right for you. We can also assist you in understanding your flex spending and insure you use these valuable dollars before the end of the year, which may just allow you to afford both options for your convenience. At the Vision Center our opticians work for you to help you find the perfect path to clear vision.

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Greenlawn Optical Store

Greenlawn Optical Store

Long Island Optometrist

Long Island Optometrist

The five Vision Center locations are the premium designer eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lens provider in Long Island and Queens. Everyday, our licensed opticians and staff work with every patient and customer to earn our reputation of providing not only the best eyewear fashion, but also optical service. We are dedicated to helping you see better while looking great. With five locations in Greenlawn, Bayshore, Moriches, Whitestone and Farmingdale, we offer the very best in precision optical lenses, fashionable eyeglass and sunglasses, state-of-the-art contact lenses, and comprehensive eye exams by licensed Long Island optometrists. From determining your optical prescription to walking out of our stores with the perfect pair of eyeglasses or the most comfortable contact lenses, great eye care at Vision Center is second to none.

When perusing our designer eyewear and sunglass collections at Vision Center, you may notice that we carry an extensive line of boutique eyewear designers and not any old licensed brand. We have found that boutique eyewear designers offer quality materials and superior value, whereas more streamlined and “budget” eyewear is made of poor materials with very basic and unappealing design. Our commitment is to providing the latest in eyewear trends, but also to sell it all for a fair price that’ll work with any budget.

Bayshore Eye Care

Featuring state of the art equipment and staffing friendly optometrists, Vision Center offers eye care to all ages, from infants to adolescents to adults. We provide Bayshore eye exams that are suitable to child and assess the healthy development of their eye sight. It is suggested that child receive a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year and their annual school vision screening is a poor substitute to visiting a licensed optometrist. While vision screenings at school may detect common refractive problems like nearsightedness or farsightedness, they may not catch everything including astigmatism or blurred vision. These eye problems need to be properly diagnosed during a comprehensive eye exam with at trained professional at any of our five Vision Center locations through out Long Island and Queens.

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