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Eyeglass Repairs Farmingdale

Are you concerned about the high cost of replacing your worn or damaged optical wear? If your wear ophthalmic eyeglasses every day in order to see clearly and live your life to the fullest, it can be all too easy to have an accident happen that causes even the mildest amount of damage or wear to your prescription lenses. While these scratches can start small, over time they begin to add up. However, the extent of your damages may not always require a replacement. Whether you are simply attached to your eyeglasses or looking for an affordable way to restore your eyeglasses, you can find the help you need with eyeglass frame and lens repair services from your local Farmingdale optical store at the welcoming offices of the Vision Center.

11735 Eyeglass Store

11735 Eyeglass Store

Accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are or how long you have been wearing your eyeglasses for, physical damages to your frames or your lenses can and will happen eventually, it’s only a matter of when. Often times the damage can be as simple as a nose piece replacement, or a tightening of the hinges of your glasses to improve shape and fit after constant wear over time. Whether your frames need a new arm due to an accident, or simply need to be adjusted to better fit your unique physical features, you can find both the simple and complex frame repairs you need at your trusted Farmingdale optical store.

While many of our lenses often come to us coated with anti-scratch coatings to improve durability, there is no such a completely scratch proof lens coating or material that can your eyeglasses impervious to harm. No matter how careful or hygienic you are when it comes to cleaning and care for your ophthalmic eyeglass lenses, all lenses will become scratched and damaged eventually. Fortunately, if you are longing to repair your lenses, or simply replace them and keep your old frames, you can have the visual updates you need to see clearly. You can even use your old frames and simply replace the lenses to create prescription sunglasses for clear vision and full UV protection at an affordable rate from your professional Farmingdale optical store.

If you are looking to repair your ophthalmic eyeglasses, be it a simple damaged frame or complex lens problems, you can find the experienced and knowledgeable service you need with the local experts of your neighborhood Farmingdale optical store. Our full service opticians strive to serve our customers with the very best in care and repairs, with hours available for your convenience six days a week. When you need affordable optical repair expertise, be sure to take your damaged optical wear to the Vision Center.

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Contact Lenses Long Island

Contact Lenses Long Island

For millions, contact lenses provide a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses. Like the proper fit of shoes, contacts must be expertly fitted for cornea health and comfort with a Contact Lens Exam at one of our 5 Vision Center locations in Long Island. It’s important to remember: one contact lens size doesn’t fit all, which is why you should visit your Long Island eye doctor for a proper examination and fitting. If the curvature of a contact lens is too flat or too steep for your eye’s shape, you could experience corneal discomfort or even eye damage.

Long Island Contact Lenses

Long Island Contact Lenses

During an eye exam fitting at a Long Island Vision Center, you will be asked general questions about your lifestyle and preferences regarding contact lenses, such as whether you’re involved in sports or if you’re interested in options such as daily disposable lenses or overnight (extended) wear. Your Greenlawn eye doctor may also discuss the option of rigid gas permeable (RGP or GP) contact lenses. Although most people today are fitted with soft lenses, some patients with high amounts of astigmatism or other irregular corneal conditions benefit from the high degree of vision correction offered by GP lenses.

Your eye doctor may ask you about how you might want to correct vision problems related to aging. At about age 40 or maybe older, you may develop a condition known as presbyopia that decreases your ability to see clearly at close distances. To correct presbyopia, your eye doctor at Moriches Vision Center may offer you the choice of multifocal or bifocal contact lenses or monovision. With monovision one contact lens corrects for near vision and the other contact lens corrects for distance vision.

To fit your contacts, the doctor or contact lens technician will use an instrument called a keratometer to measure the curvature of your eye’s clear front surface called the cornea. These measurements or K-readings help your eye professional determine the proper curve and size for your contact lenses. Some types of contact lens fitting require that your Whitestone eye doctor knows the size of your pupils in different lighting conditions as well as the diameter of your cornea. Pupil and iris measurements help achieve a proper sizing and orientation of your contact lens.

For the last part of your Long Island contact lens exam, the health of your cornea will be evaluated using a biomicroscope or slit lamp. This information is critical for determining the type of contact lens & wear schedule, as well as establish a baseline for your doctor to evaluate any future changes to your eyes related to contact lens wear.

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