Optometrist in Greenlawn

Optometrist in Greenlawn

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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Greenlawn

Optometrist in Greenlawn
Optometrist in Greenlawn

Vision Center is your number one optometrist in Greenlawn for comprehensive eye exams. An eye exam is a comprehensive exam in which we check the eyes to make sure that they are seeing clearly, there are no diseases, and that there are no issues present inside the actual eye itself.

Our Optometrist in Greenlawn will perform a comprehensive eye exam first. If it is found that the eyes have a nearsighted or farsightedness, we will then perform a vision exam to test the levels. This allows us to create a prescription that works for your eyes and allows you to see clearly. Your glasses and contact lenses can be ordered and picked up right at our offices, making it easy for you to get everything that you need in one place. If you notice changes in your eyes over time, such as not being able to see while reading, driving or seeing far distances, call our offices today to speak to one of our friendly staff members and schedule an appointment. We can get you in for an exam to see what’s going on with the eyes.

Any changes in vision should be taken seriously, as if you need an updated prescription, you may be experiencing eye strain or headaches. Many patients do not have changes to their eyes over time, and can keep the same prescription for a long time. Generally, contact lens prescriptions are done at least once a year, while eyeglass prescriptions can go out for longer than a year. For more information, call our Optometrist in Greenlawn
and visit our website to learn about our staff and our services. We’ve been serving the area for many years with the best in quality eye care and pride ourselves on offering our patients individual attention and in providing all their eye care needs in one place.

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