Opticians Whitestone

Opticians Whitestone

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining the type and shape of eyeglass lenses that suit you best. For example, a lens that curves inward, concave, is used to correct nearsightedness, while a lens that curves outward, convex, is used to correct farsightedness. An alteration in the shape of the cornea, or astigmatism, is normally corrected by a cylinder shaped lens. The eyeglass lens is a tool used at our Whitestone opticians, Vision Center, to focus light properly onto your retina. Of course, the type of lens recommended depends on the kind of vision difficulty you are having.

Progressive Lenses Whitestone

Progressive Lenses Whitestone

Progressive lenses are considered multifocal lenses that create a progression of lens power and can be compared to natural eyesight. Users of progressive lenses look straight ahead while looking in the distance, slightly down to see intermediate, and lower to see near. The process is smooth because there is no line separating the focal points. Aspheric lenses are ideal for strong prescriptions, because they are flatter and thinner and provide better vision than an ordinary lens. As technology progresses so do choices in eyeglass lenses and our Whitestone opticians will educate you on the best choice for your particular situation.

In the past, eyeglass lenses were made only of glass but today most eyeglasses are made of high-tech plastics. These new lenses are much lighter, do not break as easily, and can be treated with a filter to protect your eyes from damaging ultraviolet light. Polycarbonate lenses is a modern eyeglass lens that is recommended by our Whitestone opticians because they are lighter, thinner, and more scratch-resistant than glass lenses. These eyeglass lenses are shock-resistant and a good choice for people who participate regularly in sports, work in a job environment where their eyeglasses can be easily scratched or broken, and for children who may easily drop and scratch them.

Polycarbonate lenses also provide ultraviolet protection. Trivex lenses are made from a newer plastic with similar characteristics of polycarbonate lenses. Lightweight, thin, and impact-resistant, they may result in better vision correction than the polycarbonate lenses for some people. Whatever your situation, our dedicated staff at Vision Center are experts in their field and will provide you with the best solution for your needs so you can see things as clearly as possible.

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