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So you want to wear contact lenses. Maybe this is the first time you’ve needed vision correction or possibly you are ready to make the switch from eyeglasses. If so, good for you. Contact lenses give you a more natural type of vision along with full peripheral vision, among other advantages. At Vision Center, we want to make sure that your new contact lenses are comfortable and giving you the best vision possible. We do that by providing contact lens exams and fittings. Our Medford opticians will craft your contacts to precise specifications to suit you as in individual.

Medford New York Optical Store

Medford New York Optical Store

When we refer to a contact lens exam, this includes not only the usual components of an eye exam, but it goes further to check your conjunctiva, eyelids, and your corneas. In addition, the curvature of your cornea will also be noted. Giving greater attention to those parts of your eyes is vital because your contacts will be resting inside your eye and if there are any issues that might prevent your comfort or are likely to cause an infection, it is important to find out before you start wearing contacts. This will allow a prescription to be written that will give our Medford opticians all of the information needed to make contacts that optimize your visual capacity.

Being fitted for your contact lenses is also essential. First of all, if your contacts feel awkward or cause you discomfort, your enthusiasm for wearing them will start to fade. And improperly fit lenses may not give you the level of vision correction that the prescription calls for. Proper centering is a major factor in providing optimal vision improvement. Our Medford opticians will work with you to find the ideal position for your contacts.

You will need to decide if you want to wear soft or rigid contact lenses. Most people find soft lenses to feel better while rigid lenses typically offer better visual clarity. Among soft lenses, you can choose from among daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color changing. Your personal preferences and lifestyle will help to determine the best selection, but our Medford opticians will offer expert advice and guidance to help.

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