East Northport Contact Lenses

East Northport Contact Lenses

Contact lenses from Vision Center in Long Island and Queens are a popular way to improve your vision without having to wear cumbersome glasses. The contact lenses we offer at our East Northport eyeglass store are ideal for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. These clear lenses that are placed on the cornea are made from a variety of materials and classified into two categories, including hard, or gas permeable, and soft, or disposable contact lenses.

Hard contact lenses are made of a rigid plastic and are often prescribed to our patients who cannot tolerate soft contacts. With all the advances in contact lens technology, gas permeable contacts are much more comfortable than the old hard contacts prescribed years ago. The new gas permeable material allows oxygen to be delivered to the cornea and provides a crisp and clear vision. These contacts are usually replaced every one to two years, but an annual exam is required with our East Northport eye specialists at Vision Center to determine your corneal health.

Soft contact lenses are made of oxygen permeable materials. With a high oxygen content they provide excellent comfort and can be worn for extended periods of time. While some contact lenses prescribed by our East Northport eye doctors are replaced daily, others can be replaced every couple of weeks.

Your eye doctor at Vision Center in East Northport will determine which type of contact lens work with your prescription requirements. Each individual who comes to our optical store will be carefully evaluated to see what type of contact lens and correction method works best for them. Ask your eye specialist at Vision Center about the different types of contacts, such as mono vision or multifocal contacts.

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